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Spinal stim trial day 3

Okay, I’m early morning on day three of my spinal stimulator. It feels like I’m in a massage blanket from the waist down to my feet. It’s like holding onto a lawn mower and your hands feel the vibration. It does mask the pain, but it doesn’t stop the muscle spasms from my back so I guess that’s something I will need to deal with. I’m happy with the pain coverage and now understand that in order to reach the center of my back I will need the stimulator with a flat lead. It’s new and will require a neuro surgeon to perform that part. I was so very sleep deprived the first night from the steroids and trying to sleep with this turned on that i was ready to call it off, but once I turned the device off and rolled over I got good sleep finally. The electrodes are in a position where I can only lay on my left side. I could lay on my back except that it causes excruciating pain and this particular stim doesn’t reach that well and at the time it wasn’t programmed to reach that area at all. So i was stuck in one position continually. Like being stiff in an airplane seat in one position for two days. I was going batty, but i got some good sleep once i took a pain pill, turned off the stim for the night and just slept very sound.
I’m feeling much better today since the stim rep adjusted it yesterday and it feels better and covers more area. My dilemma now is the issue of never being able to have an MRI and what about defibrillation? If I someday have a heart attack or something else, can I not be shocked? I need to ask that because that’s two of the medical options that you give up as I understand it when this is installed. I do know that the site where they are coming out is very sore. Much like an IV in your arm gets more sore over time, so does this.
All in all, I can see how this really does help. It will help with the pain as well as extending my time standing and walking. I haven’t done a lot of walking so I want to try to walk and have my new settings.




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