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Just a quick ‘about me’ piece. I had a congenital spondylosis. I inherited it from my mother most likely.  I have always had pain that no one could figure out. I had a very physical job in the medical field and working in trauma and critical care areas along with being on my feet for 12-16 hours at a time was very painful after many years. I finally couldn’t take it anymore and after one particularly grueling shift, I was in so much pain that I HAD to be seen by a back specialist. He did the standard x-rays front, side, standing, bending. He discovered that L5 was fractured in two places! I had the lamenectomy, fusion with rods/screws done and almost 6 months later, my home flooded. I was not wearing the support brace at this point and due to very bad knees (from years of service) and slimy floors due to flooding, I slipped and fell down the stairs. That fall broke two of the titanium screws and bent the rods in my spine and left me in excruciating pain for two years until being suicidal convinced the doctors that maybe the screws were loose and I had surgery to remove the hardware only to find they were broken and a tremendous amount of damage had been done from the sharp edges of the snapped screws to my spinal cord. I have been mostly in bed and in pain for two and a half years now because to stand, walk and sit are incredibly painful. The most painful of these is sitting. So, here I am with my pain trying to survive as a mom and wife. Running a family while trying to hold it together from the pain.




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